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Organize a vanpool and we’ll provide the vehicle

If you have five or more people who share a similar commute and schedule, create a vanpool and Go! Vermont, in partnership with Commute with Enterprise, will provide a van or SUV for you to use. Each rider pays a low monthly fee, which covers costs like gas, insurance, and repairs. No loan or down payment is needed. You and/or a co-worker can take turns driving and even keep the van at your home.

Watch our video of what Vanpooling is all about:

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Benefits of Vanpooling

  • Save 50%-80% or more of out-of-pocket cost, which can add up to thousands each year! You can even decrease your auto insurance payments by 10-30% with recreation only or pay-as-you-drive policies.
  • Vanpooling takes hard commuting miles off your personal vehicle and saves on wear and tear expenses.
  • Commute with Enterprise riders reduce 1.9 billion pounds of carbon emissions each year. Each day, vanpools take 100,000 cars off the road.
  • Vanpooling takes the stress out of commuting, and adds time back into your day to rest, socialize, network or even tackle your to-do-list.

Use a van or suv to commute for as low as $100 per month!

Which can typically cost 50%-80% of your commuting costs.

We make sure you’re always covered:

  • A fully-equipped newer-model van or SUV
  • Comprehensive insurance for the vehicle
  • Full maintenance and roadside assistance
  • Guaranteed Ride Home

Once you have a group of people interested, give us a call at 800-685-RIDE, and we’ll get you started! You can also find existing vanpools in your area at commutewithenterprise.com.

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For Employers

Vanpooling is a low-cost, high-impact benefit that saves the company and its employees money! Download our Vanpooling for Businesses Guide (below), or call us at 800-685-RIDE to learn more.

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Go! Vermont April 25, 2013