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CALL US: Our Q/A Hotline 800-685-RIDE (7433) is an easy way to get any questions you have about the bus answered by a real person. Ask us anything! From bus routes and scheduling to special services in your area. Call today.

BUS SCHEDULES: For available routes and schedules, you can find links to all the local and city-to-city bus service providers here in Vermont.

SOLUTIONS: We’re dedicated to getting Vermonters where they need to go. If you have a special transportation challenge let us know. 800-685-RIDE (7433). We can work with you to get you where you need to go.

Vermont’s ten regional bus companies make up a network designed to help you get around in your community and across the state.  Taking the bus is a great way to reduce the cost and environmental impact of your commute.  All of our Vermont bus companies also provide special services for members of the community that may need a little more help getting around, such as elderly and disabled citizens.

Never ridden the bus before?

Taking the bus is one of the most reliable, personalized ways to get around. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The bus company staff is happy to help you get started! In fact, here are some questions we often hear, and are ready to help answer for your transportation needs:

  • Where is the nearest bus stop?  How do I ask the bus to stop once I am onboard?
  • How do I pay for a ride?  Not all buses have the same fare system. Find out when to pay (buy tickets/tokens beforehand vs. pay onboard), what it costs for your ride, and about available discounts. Some buses offer monthly passes at a discount.
  • How can I get a schedule? Where can I find a map of the route(s) to get where I am going?
  • How do I know if I am getting on the correct bus for my route (if there is more than one)?
  • Can I take my bike on the bus? Some buses have bike racks. Riding a bike to and from bus stops can make your travel more time-efficient and further reduce dependency on your car. It also helps to squeeze some exercise into your day!
  • If you have questions about routes, schedules or fares, each service provider is ready to help you get started.

See what riding the bus is all about and meet one of our famous drivers, Buddy! Watch the video below.

To see if there is a bus route that works for you, check out our list of providers and schedules by region.