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Find your perfect carpool buddy!

Try it now!Zimride carpool matching service helps take the “what if” out of carpooling, by letting you find the right commute for your needs. You can see other riders’ profiles, and even set the financial arrangements up front.

See how it works with our Carpool matching video below, or just jump in and check it out!

Can’t find a ride through Zimride? Check out your local Front Porch Forum! This free community-building service helps neighbors connect by providing a forum specific to your neighborhood. Post a ride request or browse to see if others are looking to carpool.

See how carpool matching works!

It’s better for your wallet and the environment

  • Cut 50% of your daily commute costs! By sharing a ride, your carpool buddy can take on half of the cost of gas. Calculate your savings with the Go! Vermont Commute Calculator.
  • By sharing rides, you can reduce wear and tear on your vehicle.
  • Less cars on the road, means less carbon in the air.
  • Registered Go! Vermont users qualify for the Guaranteed Ride Home Benefit, so you’re never stranded when you need a ride.

Looking for resources or ideas on how to help friends, family or co-workers choose Carpooling as a more efficient way to travel? Our Resource Toolkit provides free carpool resources, including helpful tips on how to get started.

Carpool/Vanpool Parking Passes available!

As another benefit of joining Go! Vermont, this pass allows you to park in specially designated parking spots. Just call or e-mail us and we’ll be happy to send one along.

Looking for a Park & Ride?

Vermont has 27 State Park and Ride lots and 21 Municipal Park and Ride lots located throughout the state. Visit for detailed information on each location.

Meet our carpoolers!